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Month: August 2006

Hate Your Job?

MSN Messenger was kind enough to poop a piece of pseudo-spam this morning consisting of an article written for The article outlines 10 ways you can cope with a job you hate. I’m not posting the link here (partly because the URL is very long, and partly because you can read generic, life-advice lists like this everywhere on the web), but here are the major points:

Set weekly goals for yourself
Do one thing each day to help you reach your goals.
Give yourself “me time” before work.
Create a diversion for yourself in the office.
Use your time to develop your skills.
Blow off some steam
Treat yourself
Maintain your performance.
Keep your bridges intact.
Realize that this too shall pass.

There you go, a large smelly load of generic life-advice on how you can cope with a job you hate.

How about changing your status as a corporate whore, quitting that job, and starting your own business?

Now, I understand that this is, and I understand that they make their dough by finding corporate jobs for people, and I understand that the article writer specializes in job search strategy, but I sincerely hope that she was given a large sum of money for writing this, because I cannot see how the best ideas of an open-minded person writing on this subject can consist of things like:

“Keep your chin up… Search internal postings for new positions. Start your search for a new job externally.”

“…find little ways of treating yourself…shop for a new interview suit.”

“Pick up a management development book and read it at lunch.”

Excuse me for a second … I’m feeling a bit sick…

… OK. I’m back.

If you are of a certain type, none of these pieces of advice will help you in the long run. For you, changing jobs is not the solution, because the job you are in right now is not the problem. The problem is working for someone else who you believe with all your heart is a schmuck of the highest order. The problem is the bureaucracy coming from people who read these management books during their lunch hours. The problem is that you are whoring away 14 hours a day and essentially allowing strangers to dictate when and where the money for your next meal is coming from.

Tell your boss to ^$#% off, and take the following ten points:

Set weekly goals for yourself – in order to build your own business, and become a self-sustaining human being.

Do one thing each day to help you reach your goals – of being completely liberated from the corporate environment.

Give yourself “me time” before work – or during work, or anytime your heart desires.

Create a diversion for yourself in the office – by playing catch with your dog, or watching a day-time soap opera, or blasting the stereo, or just leaving – what is now your home office – and playing with the kids during the day.

Use your time to develop your skills – and not the skills dictated by the corporate ladder.

Blow off some stream – by finally realizing that you never have to attend a meeting about a meeting again.

Treat yourself – by living a life you always wanted to live.

Maintain your performance – by running a competitive, exciting business of your own.

Keep your bridges intact – by actually spending time with friends.

Realize that this too shall pass – and the sooner you let this corporate world pass by without you. The sooner you’ll finally be happy.

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