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Month: September 2006

Printer Friendly 1.4 Released

Ten minutes ago, I released Printer Friendly 1.4

From the customer perspective, there aren’t any new features, but the main algorithm has been optimized and streamlined. Customers should see better Printer Friendly results on ‘weird’ pages. It’s getting harder and harder to optimize this algorithm — web design is getting more and more complicated, and the only thing the algorithm gets is the raw HTML source of the page…YOU try figuring out what to toss aside and what to keep without any contextual data.

From the MicroISV perspective, I upgraded the price to $15. It’s absolutely impossible to even break even at the old price of $12.95. I also added the “BUY” button into the application itself to make it super-easy for users to pick up the full version. And, to appease certain concerns, all those who pick up a copy of Printer Friendly 1.4 will receive free upgrades until 2008.

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Best Day to Send Marketing E-Mail

The following is a bit of info from the latest issue of Entrepreneur magazine.

Changing the day of the week when you send out marketing email to your customers can raise recipients’ response.

According to an eROI study of approximately 100 million email messages sent over the early part of this year, the messages received on Tuesday had the highest open rate (26.4%). The second best is Sunday (25.9%), and the worst day (statistically) to send out marketing email is Saturday (24.1%).

These are just stats for an email message being noticed, not clicked.

As far as clicking rates, Monday is the worst day (4.5%), Sunday is the best (6.6%), and Saturday is the second best (6.2%).

The magazine article is quick to point out that these statistics completely disregard your target audience. For example, if your customer base consists of professionals who spend most of their time in the office, consider sending the email on Tuesday instead of Sunday.

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