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Month: May 2007

Asteroid Jane Joint Venture

The first few sales from for Asteroid Jane from the beta testers came in about 15 minutes ago. So we’re off to a good start.

As some of you may know, Asteroid Jane was the first product that came out of my joint venture with Gavin Bowman. It’s a rare thing to have a small software company team up with another to develop and sell a product, and this turned out to be a great experience for the both of us. I will outline the benefits here, as there has been some interest in this:

Gav and I joined forces a few months ago when we both realized, after a brief conversation (although we’ve known one another for quite a while prior to that), that we both love video games. But our software companies are not exactly in that field. Still, since Antair almost prides itself as being a no-niche software shop, we decided that we’ll have a go at it together, with Antair being responsible for the product, but development, support, revenues, and marketing being evenly split between Gavin and myself.

The benefits are numerous:

1 – The development time is decreased quite a bit. We’re in different time-zones, so Gav worked on the game when I was asleep, and I worked on the game when Gav was asleep. In this sense, the game was being worked on almost continuously, 24 hours a day.

2 – Our skill sets complement each other very well. I have the comparative advantage in certain areas, and Gav has the comparative advantage in other areas. We split up tasks as they fit, and we got higher quality work done.

3 – It’s so much easier to track down bugs. We bounced ideas off one another, and it works much better than working alone and hitting your head against the wall when you’re stuck. There were times, when I was stuck with something in the game engine, then I sent off a quick note to Gav before going to sleep, and when I woke up, the bug was fixed and I had a great new bit of code all done and ready to go — it’s a fantastic feeling.

4 – It’s not lonely anymore sitting at home coding away for 14 hours — Skype is a great tool.

If you can find a person with similar interests with whom you get along well, and who’s in a position to pursue a joint venture, I highly recommend it.

We’re now starting work on our next game project together, and will probably work on non-gaming products along the way as well.

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