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Month: July 2007

Harry Says

I typically don’t post book reviews of any kind on this blog, and this post certainly doesn’t qualify as a proper review.

Consider it a flat out recommendation.

If you’re in a position of managing people, in any kind of industry, or, even better, if you’re in a position where your growing company is about to start hiring its first few employees, you need to have this in your desk drawer:

Harry Says: Boss Talk without the Warm Fuzzies. Edited by Bruce Feldman.

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Antair Video Slots Released

Today, Antair shipped Video Slots for the BlackBerry.

Based on the same game engine as Antair Video Poker for the BlackBerry, Video Slots is the second BlackBerry game we released this month, and is our third BlackBerry game overall.

This will be our last game for the BlackBerry for a while, as Gavin and I are starting the initial design for our next title, which will be a game for the desktop; Windows and Mac specifically.

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BlackBerry Video Poker Ships

This afternoon, Antair shipped Video Poker for the BlackBerry handheld.

The game features six variants of Video Poker, including single and multi-hand modes of play.

Players can also enjoy true record keeping of their best game sessions and realistic bank balance mechanics.

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Antair Spam Filter mentioned in the Eagle Tribune

Al Gordon, of the Eagle Tribune (a newspaper serving Massachusetts and North Hampshire) wrote an article covering the Apple iPhone. I was happy to see that Antair BlackBerry Spam Filter was briefly mentioned (in a positive light at that).

Here is an excerpt:

“On the other hand, Verizon’s 8830 can do some things that the iPhone cannot: connect to Verizon’s faster data network, function as a broadband modem for your Notebook, or (thanks to the well-established BlackBerry market for third-party software) add additional programs and functions. To cite just one: Antair Corp. ( has rolled out a Spam Filter for the BlackBerry. If, like me, you are an individual user and do not route your emails to your handheld via a corporate server, the Antair Spam Filter is pretty much a must. It will keep the junk out of your e-mail; on an iPhone, you’ll have to live with it.”

You can read the full article (online version) here.

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