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Month: August 2007

Choosing to buy software from a small company.

Software is software, bits are bits, and development tools are easily available.

Why should a customer prefer to purchase a comparable piece of software from a small software shop rather than from a massive, international software company?

An example from earlier this week:


Tuesday (8:30 AM EST) — TRIAL USER BOB:

“Hello there Antair. We’ve downloaded the latest version of your BlackBerry Spam Filter. The product is great. This version is much better than previous versions. But there is this nasty error message that keeps coming up when [….]”

Tuesday (8:35 AM EST) — ANDREY (ANTAIR):

“Hi Bob. Thank you for your interest in Antair BlackBery Spam Filter. We are looking into your issue. If possible, can you provide some additional details? In particular, does this error message […]”

Tuesday (9:30 AM EST) — TRIAL USER BOB:

“Hi Andrey. Thank you for the quick response. The error message […]”

Tuesday (11:45 AM EST) — ANDREY (ANTAIR):

“Hi Bob. We’ve identified this as an issue on a small number of BlackBerry models. We’ve fixed the bug and released the new patch. You can download […]”.

Tuesday (2:30 PM EST) — TRIAL USER BOB:

“Hello Andrey. Wow. That was quick. We’ve downloaded the patch and everything is working great now! We will be purchasing some licenses later on today.”


“Received an order for 8 licenses for Antair BlackBerry Spam Filter 2.5 from [CUSTOMER BOB].


Let’s see a huge international software company do that!


Your friendly small software company business owner.

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Antair Spam Filter 2.5 Released

On the heels of our 2.0 release of Antair BlackBerry Spam Filter, we are now announcing the release of version 2.5.

Over the past 11 days, we’ve taken every piece of customer feedback following the release of version 2.0 of the product, evaluated the suggestions, and implemented more than 90% of the most asked-for features.

The user interface had a complete facelift, making the product even easier to use than ever before, and several new functional features have been added as well to make the product really shine.

Overall, with this release, we’ve implemented almost every suggestion contributed by our customers since the initial introduction of the product to the market.

To those of you running small software shops like Antair:

You’ve probably read this in several places already, but I’d like to press the point once again — no amount of petty marketing tactics, or tinkering with Google ads, or playing around with discount incentives, will ever increase your steady sale levels as does the constant improvement of your product (preferably based on customer feedback, of course).

Antair’s average daily sale revenue has doubled since the last release of the vastly-improved version of the product, while at the same time, our sales are shifting more and more to those that originate from word-of-mouth recommendations (reducing our advertising costs, and thus increasing our monthly net revenue drastically).

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Antair Spam Filter 2.0

This evening, we shipped Antair BlackBerry Spam Filter 2.0.

This was a completely ‘customer-driven’ release. We put in all of the features that were requested over the last few months, and all current customers will receive the upgrade at no charge.

Some new features:

  • E-Mail Address Whitelists
  • E-Mail Address Blacklists
  • E-Mail Domain Whitelists
  • E-Mail Domain Blacklists
  • E-Mail Term Whitelists
  • E-Mail Term Blacklists
  • On-Device Spam Box
  • Advanced Strength Setting Configuration
  • Improved Bayesian Spam Engine
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