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Month: June 2008

New Antair Product

Antair Auto-Responder

To be released in the Summer of 2008, Antair BlackBerry Auto-Responder will allow BlackBerry owners to set up automatic e-mail responders to deal with their incoming e-mail.

The application will support both BIS and BES users. It will also support multiple e-mail accountsmultiple responses per e-mail account, and will allow for fully customized response messages.

If you are expecting e-mail from clients, Antair Auto-Responder will automatically let them know that you have received their e-mail — you don’t need to keep checking your INBOX every few minutes.

If you are in a meeting and expect to receive personal e-mail from a family member, your Antair Auto-Responder will let them know exactly where you are, and when they can expect to receive a reply from you.

With support for multiple responses, you can have one auto-response going out to your co-workers, while a different one goes out to your family members — even for the same e-mail account.

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Snacks arrive at the office…

Since one of the last positions to be filled in a growing company is a dedicated office manager, we all pitch in when it comes to restocking the office. For food and drinks, we get a weekly delivery from FreshDirect.

With two vegetarians in the office (and a dog), our dietary needs are all over the place — chips and coke alone simply won’t do (not with the hours we pull).

Fruit & cheese cups, granola bars, orange juice, beer, popcorn, coffee, chicken soup (I’ve been fighting the flu for a week or so), dog food, and yes, chips and coke – everyone seems satisfied for this week.

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How good of a gamer are you?

Want to work for Antair? Well … how good of a gamer are you?

The thing is, we’re getting a little tired around here of having our butts handed to us every single time someone is dumb enough to challenge Ania in a video game.

Me vs. Ania – Halo 3 – Several matches in, I’m whimpering under my desk.

Me vs. Ania – Burnout Revenge – After a few minutes I’m making excuses that works needs to be done and I’m behind schedule … crawling back to my workstation.

You should see the girl on the guitar in Rockband!

I stopped playing against her — there’s no chance.

Nick thought he could do better against her in that Wii air-hockey thing (picture below) — turns out Nick was wrong.

So, if you’re applying for a job at Antair, your qualifying interview requirement is being able to beat Ania at any XBox 360 or Wii game at the office.

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Validating BlackBerry PIN Codes…

A customer misinterpreting the BlackBerry device PIN during checkout is a common occurrence for those processing BlackBerry software purchases. If you are interested in validating BlackBerry PINs on your servers during checkout, the following bit of code (Perl) may be of some use:

my $pin = <get PIN from submitted web page data>
return “Error” if !defined($pin);
$pin = &trimAndUpper($pin);

# Test for length validity.
return “Error” unless length($pin) == 8;

# Test for hex validity.
return “Error” unless ($pin =~ /^[[:xdigit:]]+$/);

# Good PIN at this point.

sub trimAndUpper {
  my ($str) = @_;
  $str =~ s/^\s+//; # left trim
  $str =~ s/\s+$//; # right trim
  $str =~ tr/a-z/A-Z/; # to upper
  return $str;

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Planning board…

This week, as I walk into the office each morning, the project planning board shows me this:

It could be Antair’s next big application which will take the world by storm … OR … it could be a way to make ordering lunch much more efficient. You decide 🙂

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In an office full of programmers…

In an office full of programmers, it’s clear that mental work is favored over physical labor.

Take a look at our back office intranet system — beautiful, clean, a pleasure to use.

Now take a look at the machine that the back office intranet is running on.

It’s been two months since that machine was put on the network. Do you think any of us will ever actually get around to cleaning it up and putting it into its proper place? I doubt it.

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An indispensable business tool…

If you are servicing customers, a good help-desk solution is one of the most important investments you can make in your business…

An excellent one is Helpspot.

Everyone at Antair does support, and everyone has a Helpspot license — it’s part of our new-hire checklist.

Helpspot at Antair

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Favorite time of the day…

My favorite time of the day — 8 AM, Antair offices before anyone else arrives.

Have a cup of coffee, catch up on some news, and get ready to start the day making great software.

Antair Office

Welcome to a new chapter …

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