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Month: July 2008

No iPhone games from Antair?

Right now, we have four games available for the RIM BlackBerry handheld.

We love making these!

Antair BlackBerry games are quite popular with our customers, and it’s nice to have something to play on our own BlackBerry devices at the office as well.

So the questions is — why no Antair games for the iPhone?

Well … the answer is, they’re coming!

Initially, as a business decision, trying to look past the cloud (smog?) of hype and see the other side of the market proved to be a bit too tedious. It just seemed like devoting resources to developing an iPhone game specifically to target the day of the 3G release felt a bit like pushing down the nitro button and driving full steam into what could easily have been a very solid brick wall — with months of development time wasted.

We also had a lot of other product updates in the pipeline at the time, and being a small company, we had to think about priorities.

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Of bits and bytes and bandwidth…

One of the more interesting projects in development at Antair right now was originally intended to be a desktop application. But due to technical issues (dynamic IPs and firewalls), we’ve changed the design to implement it as a rich-client application with Antair acting as the middle-man in the cloud.

This required us to put on our big boy pants and go in search of a dedicated server to host the app.

Our current applications are essentially client apps that work with no intervention from Antair servers. This would be the first time Antair puts itself into a foundational role like this. The servers would need to be available 24/7 with minimal downtime.

The preliminary bandwidth number crunch makes me worry a bit. With conservative estimates to usage per user and number of users, we are looking at 80GB of data being transferred per day.

After hearing the numbers, one of my colleagues pointed out that we’re way off, and these are the kind of calculations that brings NASA probes crashing down to Mars.

Either he’s right, or we’re going to have to do some smart engineering to bring that number down.

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