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Month: November 2008

Antair releases Sneezies for the iPhone

We’ve completed work on a new title for the iPhone.

It’s a wonderful new game called Sneezies.

We’ve been playing it daily for the sheer pleasure of it around the office, and since sending it to the publishers yesterday, they tell us that everyone at their office can’t get enough of the game.

Sneezies should be available in a few short days, and will run on iPod touch and the iPhone — you’ll be able to grab it at a fantastic introductory price from the Apple AppStore on iTunes or directly from your device.

Development for the game was done internally at Antair. Gavin led the development effort, and he did a fantastic job. Publication of the game falls to Chillingo, We’ve had a great partnership with Chillingo over the years, and I’m pleased that they’ve agreed to publish Sneezies for Antair.

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