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Month: January 2009

What’s happening at Antair Games?

As we prepare for the release of Antair AutoResponder for the BlackBerry, I wanted to give everyone a small update about what’s been going on in our game division, ran by Gavin Bowman.

The Great Indie Bake-Off of 2008, a contest for indie game developers where teams submit cake creations and other baked goods that resemble their respective games, has come to an end. With more than a dozen cakes, ranging from professional to not so much, have been submitted, and the winner was announced.

You can read more about the contest, prizes, winners, etc, at the Antair Games Blog.

I’d like to give my thanks to everyone who participated, and to Gavin for running the contest, and baking that fantastic Sneezies cake, of which I had none, since Gavin works in the UK, while the main Antair offices are located in NYC.

UPDATE: Gavin (and Sneezies) are now part of RetroDreamer. You can find Sneezies (and more of their great games) at


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