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Month: November 2009

Antair releases RE:mind for the BlackBerry

This evening, as the Tofurky settled, we released Antair RE:mind; our latest product for the BlackBerry platform.

Instead of messing around inside a calendar and scheduling upcoming tasks, RE:mind lets you quickly create “follow-ups”. This allows you to work your way through the morning INBOX and quickly mark important e-mail to follow up on “in an hour”, or to mark a missed phone call for following up “tomorrow”.

Antair RE:mind allows you to quickly create e-mail, phone-call, and personal follow-up reminders with as little as 2 clicks.

Behind the scenes, Antair RE:mind runs on the third generation of our custom user interface infrastructure. This is the first product to run the latest UI code. For comparison, you can take a look at Antair Spam Filter for the BlackBerry, which runs the first generation of our UI code, and the Antair Auto-Responder for the BlackBerry, which runs the second generation. The third generation of the UI code makes our apps look very slick. I’m very proud of it.

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