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Month: February 2010

Antair Releases BlackBerry AutoResponder 1.4

We’ve just released version 1.4 of our Auto-Responder product for the BlackBerry.


This new version introduces more customer-requested features, such as an increased timeout for responses sent to the same e-mail address, and the ability to retain the subject line of the original message instead of using a custom subject line.

We’ve also updated the engine to support all modern BlackBerry devices, including the Storm and Storm2 touch-screen models.

As usual, both the touch and non-touch screen editions of Antair Auto-Responder are built from the same code-base using a combination of RAPC-supported precompilation and Antair magic voodoo.

One thing to note is that implementing support for touch devices made it necessary to modify the control scheme a bit. And while we were at it, the design wizards insisted that we change the color scheme of the app to make it more — “friendly and modern”.

Here, in the screenshot of an earlier version of Antair Auto-Responder, you can see the shaded-blue color scheme. The main control scheme revolved around a set of HTML-like links. A scroll of the trackwheel or trackball underlined the control under focus, making each screen flow more like a web page rather than a typical mobile app screen.


In the new version, the control scheme has been modified to work better with touch-devices, with the links being replaced by large buttons. And, as you can see, the color scheme has been modified as well. The app does feel more modern, and, I must admit, more “friendly”.



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