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Month: April 2011

First product for the BlackBerry PlayBook

We just shipped our first product for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

It’s called Antair Nightstand, and it’s one of the prettiest pieces of software I’ve ever worked on.

Antair Nightstand

We designed the application to look and function just like a standard physical nightstand alarm clock. We made it feel like it’s actually glowing in your bedroom when the lights are off, and if you look closely enough, you could just make out the individual glowing LED squares.

We included two themes. Standard Digital, and Blue Lagoon.

Antair Nightstand Blue Lagoon

As convenience features, we added several alarm sounds, and an extra large snooze button.

Antair Nightstand is available for the BlackBerry PlayBook, and can be purchased from the BlackBerry App World.

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