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We recently released a new product at Antair. It’s called Quintu.

Quintu runs in your Windows system tray or your Mac menu bar, and allows you to see your Stripe sales, refunds, events, and subscription-related metrics, without the need to have your data go through a third-party service.

We wanted a simple way to see daily and monthly sale numbers at a glance, without having to log into a website and look through a mountain of metrics. We also didn’t want something that was attached to a monthly subscription. We designed Quintu with all of these things in mind.

Quintu runs quietly in the system tray or menu bar, and we can see sales, refunds, trials signups, and cancellations, at a glance, without stopping what we’re doing. We also added desktop notifications as a convenience feature, to be notified right away when someone buys something or signs up for a new trial. Finally, Quintu is priced as a one-time purchase, and doesn’t come with any monthly subscription fees.

You can download the latest version of Quintu from