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Essential Voice Recorder

My latest app, Essential Voice Recorder, is a voice recording application for Android. The application also allows users to take written notes while recording their lectures, office meetings, etc.

The application will be available in the various Android markets within the next few days.

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Uberdeck Private Beta

Uberdeck is now in private beta.

If you’d like to try Uberdeck while it’s in beta, send an email to , and we’ll set you up with an account.

If you want to follow the discussion around the development and launch of Uberdeck, subscribe to the podcast, which I co-host with Ian Landsman of Userscape.

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Today, we pulled back the curtain on our next product: Uberdeck.

Uberdeck is a service that allows mobile app developers to send marketing campaigns straight to their mobile apps, letting them reach their mobile app users directly, for cross-selling new apps, providing notifications of upcoming features, etc.

With traditional desktop applications, software vendors have long been able to generate significant revenue by selling new products, or new versions of existing products, to their existing customers. One way this was done was by sending an email marketing campaign, perhaps using a service like Campaign Monitor, to their customer list.

With mobile apps, this avenue of marketing is largely nonexistent, as the app users interact with the mobile app stores almost exclusively, and there is rarely an open channel of communication between the app user and the app maker.

Uberdeck attempts to fill this gap, giving mobile app developers an opportunity to create a more direct way to market to their existing customers.

Uberdeck has been in development for quite some time. We are now entering beta, and are accepting signups for the private beta launch.

More info is available at

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Ethan’s 1st birthday.

Throwing a birthday party for a 1 year old isn’t so much about throwing a party, as it is about finding a delicate balance of variables that will keep one baby, two dogs, and a handful of over-enthusiastic adults happy for a short while.


Mommy made a smash cake for us – Ethan’s favorite color (mine too).


Ethan being all 1 and stuff.


A good time was had by all!

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“If a hunted cat, surrounded and hard pressed, turns into a lion, God knows what I, who am a man, may turn into.”

– Sancho Panza, Don Quixote, Book 2, Miguel de Cervantes.

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